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Ataulfo Mango

The sunny yellow skin of the Ataulfo mango mimics the energy the fruit gives off. It is oval in shape and smaller than regular mangoes. The inside of the mango is tarty and very sweet. This variety is also known as Manila Mango

Yellow Bell Pepper

Similar to the orange bell pepper, the yellow bell pepper is both crunchy and sweet. Smooth in texture with a savory center.

Orange Bell Pepper

Orange bell peppers with their crunchy texture are both tasty and sweet. They are usually served in salads or vegetables.


The Chayote fruit has a pear like shape. The fruit has a lime green coloring and creamy white flesh and because of its dull flavor it is the perfect food to be accompanied with other spices and flavors!

Tommy Atkins Mango

Tommy Atkins mango is an oblong shaped fruit with a skin color of predominantly dark red blush with green/orange accents. It is mild and sweet in flavor. Since the color of these mangoes does not change, to test if they are ripe, just give them a little squeeze.


Pineapples have exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. It’s wide cylindrical shape, scaly green, brown or yellow skin and regal crown of spiny, blue-green leaves gives off a fibrous yellow flesh with exceptionally juicy flavorness.

Kent Mango

Kent mangoes are ripe when yellow overtones or dots begin to spread over the skin of the mango. It is sweet and rich in flavor. They have a juicy, tender flesh with limited fibers.

Mexican Papaya

Mexican papaya is one of the fastest growing tropical fruits available today. Mexican papaya turn greenish-yellow with shades of orange when ripe and contain numerous round, shiny, inedible black seeds in its center cavity. Somewhat similar to a melon, its delectable flesh is firm and juicy.


Jicama is an oval-shaped root vegetable, related to legumes. It has a rough brown skin and a juicy, crisp, white flesh, similar to an uncooked potato.

Chili Jalapeno

Jalapeño peppers are hands down the most popular hot pepper around. As peppers ripen their pungency increases, making red jalapeños to be generally hotter than green jalapeños. Making them unbelievably tasty.

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White Potatoes

The white potato contains a pastel yellowy white outer surface and a creamy white center. This potato is high in fiber and potassium.

Idaho Russet Potato

The Idaho russet potato is grown in Idaho, USA. They are the best kind of potatoes for making french fries or creamy mashed potatoes.

Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are smaller than regular potatoes. They have thin skin that can easily be peeled back to enjoy the tasty flesh. These potatoes taste best cooked and act as a great healthy carb choice.

Baby Banana

The baby banana is petite in size yet great in flavor. They have a solid creamy texture and a radiant yellow peel. They are perfect for a quick energy boost.

Plantain Banana

The Plantain banana is said to mature with age. Turning its yellow tender skin to a soft black texture. The plantain banana has a soft pale yellow center that is brimming with fiber.

Hass Avocado

The Hass avocado is a large-sized fruit weighing 200 to 300 grams. When ripe, the skin becomes a dark purplish-black and yields to gentle pressure. 80 percent of avocadoes eaten worldwide are  Hass avocadoes.

Mexican Avocado

Mexican Avocadoes are a branch of Hass avocadoes originating from Mexico. With each bite of an Avocado From Mexico, you’re transported to the rich Michoacán soil, basking in the warm sunshine and nourishing rain, and breathing deeply of the coastal air.  Its fleshy pulp and a seed make the Mexican avocado utterly delicious.


Limes are a great source of vitamin C. It’s sour taste is often used to accent the flavors of foods and beverages.


Bananas are a delicious choice for snacking, They include Vitamin B6 Potassium, Fiber, and Vitamin C – all nutrients that help promote heart health. Our bananas come from the richest farms filled with  irresistible mouthwatering flavors.

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Korean Melon

The outer surface of the Korean melon is oval and rigid in texture and yellow-orange in color. This melon has a highly concentrated sweet flavor with edible skin.

Mini Yellow Watermelon

The mini yellow watermelon is a petite watermelon with light yellow flesh. This watermelon is closely related to the regular watermelon, although it is sweeter and more flavorful in taste.

White Corn

Cased with a pasty lime green covering, white corn is creamy in color. White corn is sweet in flavor and fresh to the taste.


The Cantaloupe is unique to other melons in both fragrance and its flesh's texture. When perfectly ripe, the flesh is juicy, unctuous and sweet.

Tuscan Cantaloupe

Tuscan Style cantaloupe is covered in a golden tan-hued, roughly netted exterior. Its skin is segmented in grooves which change color from dark green to a golden-cream color as it ripens. Dark green grooves indicate a sweet, firm fleshed fruit, while a light green to golden color indicates a softer texture and a richer cantaloupe flavor.


The Honeydew is round to oval and somewhat larger than the typical cantaloupe, ranging from 4 to 8 pounds. It has a smooth firm outer rind that turns from green to whitish yellow as it matures, transforming from very hard and smooth to almost velvety with a slight stickiness.

Golden Honeydew

The Golden honeydew melon has a similar shape and texture to the common honeydew. Its most obvious difference is its bright golden-hued skin. When ripe its skin is firm, thin and smooth. Its flesh is succulent, velvety and sweet.

Mini Seedless Watermelon

Though it lacks the large hard black seeds of traditional watermelons, the Seedless watermelon can contain small white seeds that are soft and completely edible.

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Yellow Chili Pepper

The yellow chili pepper offers a sweet zesty flavor. It has a smooth crisp glaze and a bright yellow gloss.

Serrano Pepper

The Serrano pepper with its modest size offers an appetizing spicy flavor that adds to its fiery red debut. An interesting fact about this pepper is that the smaller it is the hotter it gets!  

Small Chinese Taro

The skin of the small Chinese taro is lightly haired with a wooden brown finish. When cooked, the frosted flesh of the taro awards a savory nutty and sweet taste.

Korean Daikon

The Korean daikon is akin to the Japanese daikon. This radish is shorter than that of the Japanese and slightly more rounded. Its quick growing leaves give the radish its great personality and stronger taste.

Japanese Daikon

The Japanese daikon is a long white radish with rapid growing, fresh green leaves. This radish is insipid in taste but go great in stir fry and soup.

Pasilla Pepper

The pasilla pepper has a black and dried pruney appearance. They have thicker wall that contains a mildly hot center.

Korean Chilli Pepper

The Korean chill pepper is an irreplaceable spic used in Korea. This pepper has a pungent spicy flavor.

Snow Peas

The snow pea is similar to the snap pea. However, the snow pea's appearance is thinner and flatter than that of the snap pea.

Sugar Snap Peas

The sugar snap pea has small and more rounded pods. They have a green bean shell and are completely edible.

Sweet Thailand Tamarind

The sweet Thailand tamarind is in the shape of a bean pod and obtains a tarty brown outer color. Inside the skin lies green acidic flesh that is ready to eat.

Lemon Grass

The lemon grass is sweet and citrusy. It's color is whitish green with a long slender appearance. A fun fact about the lemon grass is that the younger it is, the more flavorful it is.

Anaheim Habanero Pepper

The Anaheim habanero pepper is set aside by its long and green appearance. This pepper is sweet and tangy with a mild hot kick.

Mexican Habanero Pepper

Hot! Hot! The habanero pepper is among one of the world's hottest peppers. They have a crunchy outer surface and a fiery center.

Butternut Squash

The butternut squash has a unique appearance but don't confuse it with a bowling pin! The skin of the butternut squash although edible, tastes better when cooked. It contains sweet orange flesh covered by a pale skin colored coat. The butternut squash is high in vitamins A, C, and E.

Opo Squash

The opo squash is long and slim with a lime green covering. Within the green coating lies white smooth flesh that  goes great with stews and soups.

Fresh Coconut

The fresh coconut provides a delicious, rejuvenating milk. It is also considered a superfood which is great for your health!

Dry Coconut

The dry coconut is medium in size and round in shape. It has a brown root-like, tough shell that protects the white chewy meat inside.

Young Thai Coconut

Inside this massive tough shell, the young Thai coconut contains a soft jelly like center that is refreshing and juicy.

Thai Eggplant

The Thai eggplant is not like the others. It has a glossy green outer skin and a pale green center. They are pungent in taste with a bitter kick.

Japanese Eggplant

The Japanese eggplant is long and slender in shape. Like the others, it is covered with a level purple skin and a firm white center.

Italian Eggplant

Italian eggplants are slender purple with a firm white center. Like the Indian eggplant, the Italian eggplant is soft and creamy when cooked.

Indian Eggplant

Indian eggplants are petite and egg shaped. They are covered with a smooth purple skin and are creamy in nature.

American Eggplant

Eggplants are coated with a purple color. When the eggplant is opened, you will find a firm white center. The eggplant is rich in fiber and low in calories.


The cucumber has a dark green skin that covers the light green flesh hidden within. It is cylindrical in shape and unique in flavor. The cucumber is very cool and refreshing, containing 96% of water.


Jackfruit has a sweet taste and a flavor that is likened to bananas, pineapple and even bubblegum. The rind of a Jackfruit will change color from bright green to a dull yellow as it ripens. Young Jackfruit has a crisp, crunchy texture whereas more mature fruit may be firm or much softer and almost custard-like.

Chinese Okra

Chinese okra is similar to common okra in color and shape. It is elongated with strongly ridged green skin and tapered ends. Chinese okra has a spongy, pulpy, slightly fibrous creamy white flesh. The more mature Chinese okra is the more bitter and fibrous the flesh becomes, making it unfavorable for culinary use.

Shanghai Bok Choy

Bok choy is a cruciferous vegetable that can go by many different names. The most common name for Bok Choy is white cabbage. The features of our Shangai Bok Choy has green spoon-shaped leaves and slightly flattened white stalks. Shanghai Bok Choy contains health-promoting nutrients (glucosinolates) that help rid your body of potential toxins and energize you.

Chinese Long Beans

The “Chinese” long beans (from USA or Mexico) are crisp, sweet and tender. The beans' pod's flesh contains succulent, pale, lime green peas (the plant's seeds) with eyes similar in shape to black eyed peas. The flavor of the Chinese Long Beans is grassy and slightly sweet with a more intense bean flavor than traditional green beans.


The Bitter melon is long and slender, similar to the shape of a standard cucumber. As the fruit matures, the skin turns bright orange and the flesh increases in bitterness. The Bitter melon is considered the most bitter of all fruits.


A fresh Lychee is distinctly unique in its appearance. The flesh's texture is jelly-like, chewy and juicy.  Lychees are perfumed with a combination of flavors exotic to most palates. Lychees bring the fragrance of roses, the sweetness of cherries, the acidic brightness of pineapples and the mellow flavor of green grapes together in one mouthful.


Chinese Ginger is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or simply ginger, is widely used as a spice or a folk medicine. It has a pale yellow interior and a skin varying in colour from brown to off-white.


Chinese eggplants are recognizable by their long, thin shape and unique violet coloring. They are known to have the sweetest, mildest flavor of all eggplant varieties.


Dragon fruits can vary in shape, size and color. Their pink to magenta exterior has scale-like succulent leaves that are tipped in green, giving them the appearance of an exotic oriental lantern. The flavor is subtly sweet with notes of star fruit, kiwi, melon and just a hint of salinity and a thirst quenching finish.


Shishito Chiles have a bright, glossy green exterior skin. When allowed to ripen fully on the plant Shishitos will turn a vibrant red, and their walls will be thicker fleshed. Its skin is lined with grooves and wrinkles. It has a piquant and peppery flavor with sweet and vegetal nuances.


Like garlic, shallots generally have two to three bulbs per segment. Their violet bulbs with grey-white flesh are aromatic and savory when raw. As they cook, their flavor becomes more delicate and sweet.


Fresh garlic consists of several cloves that can be individually separated from their paper-thin white peel. Each clove of garlic is also encased in its own individual wrapper, often multi-layered depending upon variety. A great thing about Garlic is that it posseses antibiotic properties to some forms of bacteria, viruses and intestinal parasites

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The apricot is small in size but don't let it's size fool you. Within every bite, this peachy orange colored fruit will fill you with a sweet citrus taste.

Black Velvet Apricot

The black velvet apricot has a smooth velvet appearance. It is modest in size with a moist, juicy center. It is plump in texture with a soft fruity taste.

White Nectarine

White nectarines are very similar to peaches. However, peaches are dressed in a fuzzy coat whereas nectarines are not. The white nectarine is sweet and provides great benefits to the skin.

Donut Peach

This peach has a fun donut like shape. They contain a pale yellow flesh that hides the rich flavor within. The donut peach has a velvety texture and serve as a great snack.

White Peach

The white peach is unlike any of its family. It has a soft whitish pink coat with a white pale center. It is arid in flavor with a great big seed.

Black Plum

It is no doubt that the black plum gets its name from its color. The black plum has black skin with a slight purple tint. The black plum cracks at the bite and fills you with juicy sweetness.

Chilean Pomegranate

The Chilean pomegranate is large and round in size. The outside is bright cherry red with exclusive flesh. Within this ball of fire you will find small red seeds that are both crunchy and juicy.


The kiwifruit with its small-oval shape is surrounded with a fury brown coating. The kiwifruit will surprise you with a delicious emerald green center, perfect for a hot summer day.

Bosc Pear

Bosc pears have a long curved stem and an elongated neck that gradually ends in a rounded bottom. Bosc pears have golden russet-colored skin. The flesh of a Bosc pear is very juicy in every bite.

Barlett Pear

The Bartlett Pear has a sweet grainy taste. It's unique flesh turns from green to a pinkish yellow when ripe.


The Shinko pear is larger in size in comparison to normal pairs. It's juicy flavor allows for a crisp firm flavor.

Red Apple

Red apples are bright red in color. Its white flesh is slightly crisp and dense offering a mildly sweet flavor.

Pink Lady Apple

Pink Lady Apples have a sweet tangy taste. They are elongated in shape and their coat is covered in a pink blush tone, turning more red towards areas where there is more exposure to sun.

Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp apples have a more yellow than reddish background covered with pink blush. their sweetness or tanginess varies depending on the maturity of the fruit.

Granny Smith Apple

Granny Apples are tangy in flavor. Their crisp skin makes them very firm yet remarkably juicy. Perfect for a daily morning snack!

Golden Apple

Gold apples have a green yellow skin. This apple is rich in flavor and when sliced open it does not turn brown right away.

Gala Apple

The Gala Apple offers a juicy crunch and a sweet, tangy flavor. The Gala Apple sometimes varies in a darker red and is considered one of the sweetest.


Bing Cherries have  taut skin is smooth and shiny with a deep red to maroon coloring. The Bing cherry is intensely sweet and tangy, considered by most to be the ultimate cherry for both flavor and texture.


The Rainier is an attractive yellow with a characteristic red blush on its tender edible skin. Its firm pulp contains a white heart and offers a sweet, fairly delicate flavor.


Fuji apples are medium to large. The thick skin of the Fuji apple is light red with a yellow blush, and is oftentimes lined with red vertical stripes. the flavor is mild yet very sweet with hints of both honey and citrus.


Green seedless grapes may be round to slightly oval in shape depending upon variety. Their color ranges from yellowish-green to bright green while their inner pulp is semi-translucent. They are sweet and tart with mellow tannins that leave a slight layer of flavor on the tongue.


Red seedless grape can vary widely depending on the variety, but usually ranges from a light red to a deep burgundy. Red seedless grapes are sweet and crisp, occasionally tart and always juicy.


Yellow-flesh nectarines are a round, yellow fruit with a red blush. They have a sweet flavor that is slightly acidic.

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Kumquats tree grows in clusters. The peel is where the true citrus sweetness lies in both aroma and flavor.    


Clementine tangerines are petite, bright orange in appearance with a glossy, leathery peel rich with essential oils. Clementines are generally seedless but may contain a few seeds. The skin clings loosely to its segmented flesh allowing for easy peeling.


The blood orange's rough, orange-colored skin is often blushed red, with flesh color varying between fruit. Blood oranges are sweet-sour, and tend to be slightly less acidic than standard oranges.


Lemons are a common fruit, often heavily utilized for flavoring. Its flesh is translucent yellow and juicy when ripe. Its juice is highly acidic and tart, though extremely versatile in its uses.


The taste and shape of the orange is familiar to people all over the globe. The taste of oranges varies from sweeter to more acidic, based on the species.

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Grape Tomato

The grape tomato is similar to the cherry tomato. The grape tomato has a silky and firm red coat and is full of juicy flavor.

Cherry Tomato

The cherry tomato varies in size. It has a glossy shiny red surface with a juicy filled center. The cherry tomato is nothing short of both sweet and savory.

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes have an elongated egg-like shape. Their bright red and smooth skin houses with a few seeds, high sugar and acid levels, and low moisture content compared to other tomato varieties. Ideal for cooking tomato sauce!

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Raspberries have a hollow core and are conical with an overall rounded shape.  Their flavor can range from sweet-tart to low acid. Raspberries are a good source of vitamins B and C, folic acid, and iron.    


Blackberries are succulent, soft, and juice. Their flavor is sweet, slightly tart, with earthy undertones. Blackberries are a good source of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, and dietary fiber.          


Blueberries are small round berries that can range in size from 5-16 millimeters in diameter. It has a sweet and woodsy flavor with an acidity that can vary depending upon growing conditions. Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, with vitamins C, copper and fiber.      


Strawberries have an overall conical heart shape and can vary in size depending upon cultivar and growing conditions. They have a bright red sheen when fully ripe and a juicy yet firm texture.

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Hawaiian Papaya

Hawaiian papaya are encased in a glossy, bright yellow skin. The fragrant flesh is also a creamy yellow color and is quite sweet. The flavor has been described as a blend of mango, peach and banana.

Mexican Papaya

Mexican papaya is one of the fastest growing tropical fruits available today. Mexican papaya turn greenish-yellow with shades of orange when ripe and contain numerous round, shiny, inedible black seeds in its center cavity. Somewhat similar to a melon, its delectable flesh is firm and juicy.

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Carrots are classified as a root vegetable. Their flavor is earthy and sweet. Carrots provide the highest content of vitamin A of all the vegetables.        


Parsley is a thick, juicy, ribbed stalks that join at a common base above the root. It has a juicy and crunchy flesh with a mild salty flavor.          


Spinach is a leafy dark green. Depending on a variety of spinach it can be sweet and even tangy. Spinach contains carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron.          


Green kale has a long hard stem running through the leaf. It is also known for its high nutritional content. Green kale offers a flavor similar to the Green Cabbage.      


Cauliflower is firm and tender and the florets have a dense yet soft and crumbly texture. Its flavor is mild with subtle cruciferous, and nutty sweet nuances. Cauliflower is high in both fiber and vitamin C with a fair amount of vitamin A, calcium and potassium.      


Radish is a small scarlet globe with crisp and peppery, translucent with flesh. Radishes contain vitamin C, folate, fiber, and potassium. They also contain active enzymes that are known to aid in digestion.      


Italian Parsley has bright green stems that are tender when young and grow woody as the plant matures. It is divided into three sections with multiple leaves growing along the tops of the stems. The flavor is often described as fresh and green, with hints of citrus.      


Red Cabbage is rounded and wrapped in tightly wound waxy leaves,  It has more of a peppery flavor versus the green cabbage. Red cabbage lacks on water weight, which makes its leaves chewier and coarser.        


Green Cabbage is a round, solid and almost white in the center. Has thick and pliable leaves.        


Cilantro has mall serrated edges that extend off a single stem. It is a combination of parsley and citrus.          


Broccoli clusters look and grow thick like a tree and their branches often resemble the top of a flower, called flower heads.  Broccoli is green in color and is filled with antioxidants great for the digestive tract.  

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is medium to large in size with upright leaves. The outer leaves are thicker in size and brighter in color. Romaine lettuce is crunchy with a mild, slightly bitter taste. Delicious for salads or lettuce wraps

Asian Salad Kit

Here's a bright blend of Asian-inspired flavors! Inside you'll see a delicious blend of Iceberg Lettuce, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Pea Pods, Romaine Lettuce, Asian Sesame Vinaigrette, Sweet Cherry Cranberries And Wonton Strips.  

Caesar Supreme Salad Kit

The ultimate restaurant-style Caesar salad. The quick and easy kit includes a generous portion of Artisan cheeses for delicious toppings. The kit features crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy garlic croutons flavorful Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.

Asian Chopped Salad Kit

Restaurant-style authentic Asian Chopped salad. This Kit features crisp romaine and green cabbage, sweet carrots, and green onions. Topped with sliced almonds, crispy wontons, and Asian sesame vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad Kit

Restaurant-style Caesar salad. The quick and easy kit makes it simple to enjoy a delicious Caesar salad. The kit features crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy garlic croutons flavorful Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.

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